My Wife’s Urinal

None of these pictures are mine, they are either reposts or taken off the web.
I’m a man in my early 50’s and I have been drinking my wife’s pee for the last 26 years.
I was curious with girls peeing as a young boy, I became obsessed in my teenage years, now, I would call it an addiction to drinking my wife’s piss. My wife is not a dom mistress and I’m not a sub, she also didn’t have any interest in my fetish.
It took many months after we were first married, to convince her to pee on me in the shower. When she finally did, she only peed on my feet and said it grossed her out and that she never wanted to do that again.
About a year later, I convinced her to let me clean her up with my tongue after she peed, it took some time, but she finally relented. I would end up giving a couple of climaxes with my mouth, after licking her clean. So every couple of weeks she would let me do it again and I could have a taste of the remnants of her urine, that’s as far as she would take it.
About a year later, we were out camping with a tent, in a very woodsy camp ground. When my wife shook me out of my sleep, in the middle of the night, she had to go pee. So I got up, found the flashlight, escorted her to the outhouse and waited outside. She came out after about 30 seconds later and was a little freaked out, there were many spiders in webs inside the can and a few moths that kept flying at her holding the flashlight and of course it was dirty, she didn’t go. On the way back to our tent, she tried to pee a few times in the shadows, but the flow would not come. This went on for over an hour and she was in tears. I said that she could pee in my mouth in the tent, if she went slow, there wouldn’t be a mess. She was silent the rest of the way back to the tent. I was thinking I would have to drive her to nearest town, but what would be open. I was fishing for the car keys, when she said she would do it. My heart jumped for joy.
There I was flat on my back with her pussy pushed onto my face, I was in heaven, waiting in anticipation. It took her quite a while to will out a little bit, maybe a few drops, then a bit more, then a little squirt, the odd trickle. It took at least 20 min for her to empty her bladder. Of course after I sucked and licked her to orgasm, she didn’t say much, she just crawled into her sleeping bag and went to sleep.
I never slept much that night, my mind was racing, I was over joyed that it finally happened. I was also worried about how she would feel in the morning, the piss burps didn’t help my sleep either. In the early morning I really had to go, so I got up, went outside, had a whiz, then I brushed my teeth, it was a beautiful day. I perked some coffee on the camp stove and brought a cup to the sleeping beauty. I woke her up, she said that we need to have a talk, but first she wants to suck my dick. Holy crap, she never wants to suck my dick, when ever she has, it was after I guilted her into it, over how often I eat her out and get no sucking in return. She usually would only suck on me for a minute or two and that was it. She let me come in her mouth once, but that was before we were married, never swallowed. This time she gave great head, I told her when I was going to cum, she worked at it all the harder and gave me one of the best bj’s that I have ever had, she sucked me dry and swallowed every drop. When I was recovering from that, she announces that she has to pee and climbs on my face and goes. She had an easier time of it, no problem going this time, but went slow for my sake.
Later she tells me that last night, when I swallowed her piss it was like it gave her a spiritual connection to me.
Over time we found ways that I could drink more of her pee, when she’s at work or I’m at work, when we are apart, she keeps a silicone female urinal funnel and two plastic bottles in her purse, that she fills for me, that I usually drink over lunch. She would have a glass a wine & I would have a glass of her amber nectar. I use her piss as a mixer, my favourite is with rye whiskey. Mainly she tries to hold it, so I can have it straight from the tap, over the years she had some close calls, with almost pissing herself.
Sometimes when we are at a bar, she’ll take my beer mug into the bathroom to top up the glass for me. She gets a kick out of it, when I drink her pee in public. We go to our favourite coffee shop, she’ll have a large coffee & I’ll have a travel mug of her piss, either pre filled or filled up there, in the bathroom.
Ok, I sort of went on and on. I have never had any ill effects from drinking urine, I believe just the opposite, I feel great. While every other male in my family starts balding in their 30’s & 40’s, I have a full head of hair.
I hear and read a lot that drinking another’s pee is a humiliation thing, a form of submission, for us it’s not, it just maybe why my wife has taking to blowing me all the time, (2 or 3 times a week), even after almost 30 years of marriage.
When my wife and I are at home, now that the kids are gone, she wears sun dresses without panties. When she has to pee, she tells me, I kneel, she steps over my shoulder pees full blast into my mouth. (It took me many months in the beginning, to learn how to guzzle her full stream). Not a drop is wasted, not like all the videos of people spitting it out. Its been a few years since I last missed out on drinking my wife’s pee, not since her grandmother’s funeral, I could not make the trip and she couldn’t bring back a weeks worth of piss on the flight. Even if we are in an argument, I drink her pee. She’s learned not lose any pee while taking a crap, she would be really disappointed if she accidentally peed while crapping.
That’s it for now, you can ask me anything. Just remember to drink plenty of water.